Selector T is currently one of the most famous youngest Dj in Juba and probably entire South Sudan, the Dj spoke to Juba Monitor about his ambitions.

Looking a bit shy, the young Dj who revealed that he started playing music at the age of fifteen years old said he is currently about four years in the industry.

Though a student, Selector still gets time to play for music lovers of which majority are high school students and youth in their early teens of age.

Having been inspired by Dj Khalid, one of the American most respected Dj, Selector T has never looked back, and he told Juba Monitor that he wants to be more than Dj Khalid in years to come.

Selector T said he plays music that has a way of expressing his happiness and enjoying life with friends and families.

“Being a DJ is a way of expressing my story, I tell my story of joy and happiness, encouragement through the songs that I play to my fans across the country”, said Selector T.

Playing for Space Lounge currently has made selector T to be a public figure because it is where he interacts with people of all walks of lives, ranging from politicians, the business community and the international communities.

“Playing for Space Lounge now is one of the biggest opportunity that I have as a young Dj and I appreciate the team here (at Space)”, Selector T said.

Balancing between school and djing is one of the hardest things for Selector T but he revealed that most of the gigs he plays for it at night and it does not affect his school times.

Being famous is some of the benefits of a DJ but Selector T said he is paid for the numbers of nights he plays for at various joints in Juba.

Selector T is not limited to playing only in Juba, he is hopeful that one day he plays at the international scene with the best DJs in the world.

Desire Apollo, one of the biggest fans of Selector T described the young Dj as a hardworking young man.

Selector T said that he’s working on a mixtape that will combine all South Sudanese finest artists both in the country and beyond borders.

Via: Mandela Nelson Denis