Mawien Ariik, commonly known by his stage name, “J. Rock”, is a South Sudanese Dinka Afro Music artist who started his music way back in 2011. His first music track, ‘Yin Nhiar’, Dinka for ‘I love you’, brought him into the limelight back then. His creative style of music has seen him rise to fame since then and be the topic of talk in the music industry.

Apart from just doing afro music, he also does contemporary music as well as modern music styles like RnB. His work of art focuses mainly on peace, unity, love as well as development and women empowerment.

This has seen him share stages with already established musicians with big names in the industry like John Kudusay and Johnson Jok Lal. Not only has he performed to large crowds but also shared the podium with South Sudanese president, Salva Kiir.

His latest song, ‘Diar kek a pinynhom’ which translates to ‘Women are the world’ is seen to be doing pretty well on media platforms. In this song, he campaigns for recognition and empowerment of women. He seeks to appreciate and motivate women through such songs to help them achieve their potential.

His works of art features some of his music albums like ‘Turn to God’ released in 2012 and ‘Nhialic Adai’ (God is watching) which was released last year, the latest being ‘Diar Kek a Pinynhom’ which boasts of 12 songs. All these can be found on YouTube.

J – Rock hopes to take his music style to international levels as he seeks to get his messages to reach people, especially women, worldwide. He not only focuses on the woman but the community as a whole. He adds that without the power of a woman, there can never be a leader.