With deteriorating security situation in the city which is mostly blamed on security officers, an act by one police officer off duty confronting 5 armed thugs would be a crazy thing to do in Juba. This act as earned one police officer a new title of a “HERO”.

According to Eye Radio President Salva Kiir has promoted Private Albino Arkangelo Elia, who shot and killed one of five armed foreign gangsters who had planned to rob the government’s Relief and Rehabilitation Commission offices at the ministries complex in Juba Tuesday night.

The police officer who had a rank of Private (last rank in police or army) was promoted to the rank of second lieutenant (2nd LT).

According to the chairman of the commission, Prof Lokulenge Lole, five gunmen gained access to the premises of the commission, sealed the mouth of the watchman, and tied him up. Mr Elia, who was sleeping at a nearby house, heard the noise.

He went to the compound where he shot and wounded two armed men but one died later in hospital. One wounded armed man is now hospitalized in Juba teaching hospital undergoing treatment; three others escaped. The suspected armed robbers are said to be foreign nationals.