Entrepreneurs give the planet a powerful service. They take an idea that only exists in their minds and bring it into reality. This powerful vision can get lost in the daily grind of e-mails, phone calls, and to-do lists.

It may seem like you barely know enough to set up and run a company in your 20s, but remember, some of today’s most prosperous and noteworthy entrepreneurs started their journey in their 20s.

Entrepreneurship-in-your-20s-getting-it-right Of course, the road to creating a successful business is hard. Without receiving a single dollar, you could have to labour for years or see many companies collapse one after another, like several of these leaders.

Meet Bol Abuk Yanodit a young South Sudanese entrepreneur. At the age of 29, he is already an accomplished CEO of a national company. He founded SBC Company Ltd. in 2015 as a General Trading and Contracting Company and he registered it as well in order to provide contracting and subcontracting work for mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation works and general trading works. The young entrepreneur is also the owner of two other companies as well. All this was possible because at any chance he got, he was never afraid to pursue new business avenues.

His success story is an inspiring one for all the teenagers and the people in their 20s who want to be entrepreneurs or thinking of doing something big.

Bol Abuk

You work until you can no longer work, the only road to success, and he was never away from the hard work that paid off for him. The other two companies he owns named as Next Level Company Limited and SBC Aviation Limited are also working in different sectors. At first, he began all this from nothing, did a lot of market research to collect data on potential clients and companies already working in various fields, wrote his own business plan, discovered which business suits him best, selected his business location and started his own trading company that is now a well-known trading company.

Bol Abuk poses for a photo with SBC Aviation aircraft

Bol Abuk poses for a photo with SBC Aviation aircraft

Apart from the companies, Bol together with his business partner Marko Madut Majak have founded a nonprofit NGO called Next Level Foundation which is playing a key role in the development of rural areas. Agricultural projects, health programmes, programmes for the production of human capital, economic development and industrial and trade programmes are the primary rural development programmes of this NGO.

Poverty eradication, HRD, health care, environmental security, human rights protection, women’s empowerment, children and weaker sectors, silent revolution, etc. are some of this NGOs’ important priorities.

In this way, this NGO raises consciousness among the rural poor. It is now important for both society and the country to make these rural areas and individuals competent in order to be aware of their constitutional rights. The only organizations that might improve the rural region are NGOs.