Meet beautiful ladies ready to battle it out at Miss South Sudan Kenya (PHOTOS)

Meet beautiful ladies ready to battle it out at Miss South Sudan Kenya (PHOTOS)

With the clock ticking as the D-day gets closer, the Miss South Sudan beauty contestants are seen putting final touches to the talents they are bound to showcase come 15th December 2018 at the Deep West Resort.

Speaking at USIU Radio last week, the founders of Yaude Entertainment, DJ. A.T and Dut William urged people to turn up in large numbers in support of the beauty pageant and as a way of showing their love. They also invited everyone to join them in witnessing high-class fashion and entertainment.

The two were joined by former Miss South Sudan Kenya, also a Former title holder of Miss World South Sudan, Akuany Ayuen who will guide the models in their training and as well manages Yaude Modelling Agency. The models were recently treated out for a photoshoot session and for sure their beauties were irresistible as seen in some moments captured behind the lens.

With every contestant eyeing the grand prize, an Audi A4, none is left behind in pulling every string to ensure she emerges the winner. The theme of this year’s event is bringing unity and empowering the youth as well as showcasing the beauty, talent and diversity of South Sudan as a nation. Behind the decks will be DJ A.T and DJ Luis and the MC being AK Dans with much more entertainment to be offered.

Several music artists are also set to perform at the event that will see guests get entertained from 6:00 PM till dawn. Apart from just the much coveted grand prize, all contestants will be issued with certificates of recognition and the second and third place winners are set to walk away with various tokens of appreciations and goodies.

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