Atong Dong is representing South Sudan in Miss Africa beauty pageant that is currently being held in South Africa.

The 25-year-old model is competing with models from other African countries to win the coveted title.

About Miss Africa Continent

Miss Africa Continent is an annual international beauty pageant run by ProAct Communications. Along with Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Earth contests. Miss Africa is prone to be one of the largest beauty pageants globally and one of the most anticipated beauty pageants worldwide. Founded in 2014 by Lionel Neo Mashishi a Film Producer / Director. The pageant is envisaged to become one of the celebrated Events on the African calendar. Contestants represent different African cutures.

Miss Africa Continent is a seven month long project that includes Miss Africa TV Show, Rehearsals, Hype Tour, Appearances, Launch, Gala Dinner and the Main crowning event. Its main objective is to interact with African countries on various programmes, become educational platform and empowering tool to young African women, to be inspiring and informative. It plays a role in uniting Africa by addressing xenophobic mentality and various plights facing African continent. It aims to assist in integrating young African women into mainstream economy. Promoting African beauty and African culture and raising future leaders. The personality of Miss Africa must reflect true African culture and values, to be the real African ambassador.

The search is on for the first African Queen prone to make history and become the African Continent Ambassador. Miss Africa Continent live streaming digital portal is set-up to afford potential contestants from the entire continent to upload pictures also linked to social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Vision, Mission & Objectives

Miss Africa Continent pageant’s vision is to empower and expose diverse African young women culture to the world and afford the first ever African Queen and the two runner-ups a platform to be recognized on global stage tell African stories through African woman.

To be involved in eradication of poverty in Africa, thus play essential role in assisting Africa to fight the plight of poverty, HIV/Aids and Ebola, partner with United Nation in achieving its mandate to advocate that.

The pageant mission is to become a leading female event that grants young African women access to world limited resources and improve their living standards.

Miss Africa Continent main objective is to accelerate African young women’s social and economic empowerment by providing them platform to engage with global streamline economist through mentorship programmes.

Miss Africa Continent’s Duties/Responsiblities

Miss Africa Continent sign a one year contract to travel globally representing Africa continent as African Ambassador, she’ll advocate the plight faced by Africa such as Ebola, HIV/Aids and Poverty eradication internationally. She must be passionate about Africa and be proud to an African.

Miss Africa Continent intends to liaise with NGO’s focusing on washable sanitary pads for young woman across Africa thus utilizing it as a platform to communicate educate and inform.
Play a role in empowering young African women.

Crown and groom the next Miss Africa and to be a role model to other aspiring Miss Africa

Represent Miss Africa in various events internationally and Corporate functions.

Appear in prominent Events i.e. African Sport Tournaments, International Awards i.e. BET.

Miss Africa Continent pageant is more than a beauty pageant; women aspiring to become Miss Africa must be intelligent, well-mannered, and cultured, that indicates her dedication to be a role model to upcoming young African ladies aspiring to be Miss Africa one day. Contestants also participate in swimsuit and evening gown at the Main event.

Miss Africa Continent is Vigilant against Ebola, Poverty and Xenophobia in Africa.

The voting ends September, 2nd. Atong currently stands at number 22 in online voting. Your vote will help taking her to the top.

You can vote for Atong Dong by clicking HERE.

See Atong’s photos in the gallery below.