In the History of South Sudan Traditional Authority it is time to elect the female, Chief Abuk Deng Macham Angui became the first female elected on Sunday in Juba, South Sudan after the position of her Dad was declared vacant following his death in May 2020.

Speaking to media, Lual Atak the paramount Chief said it is the first time in Dinka Chiefdom to witness woman being elected as the Paramount Chief since Colonial era. My gratitude to Abuk Deng Macham Angui for winning the trust of her community and I believed this will actually empower our traditional women to participate equally in the affairs of the community, and traditional court representations. Most cases tried in the court comprises women cases of adultery and elopement and so forth,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Abuk Giir a woman who worked with late paramount Chief Deng Macham Angui applauded the decision of South Sudan Council of Traditional Chiefs for considering the Majority who voted for Abuk Deng Macham Angui.

“She is charismatic leader and has wisdom of her father as I witnessed in the last Ten years, I worked with her dad.  The Dad was having leadership qualities she possessed now and she deserved it,” She concluded.

The late Chief Deng Macham Angui died in May this year due to complicated and unexpectedly illness that was assumed to be Coronavirus pandemic. His Position was declared vacant for numerous candidates to contest and the Daughter won with majority recommending her for the post of Paramount Chief.

The first female as paramount chief in South Sudan.