After Nairobi based rapper Natty Pee accused Moro Lokombu of Miraya FM of bias. Another musician has now come out to support Natty’s claims. Meen Meen of legendary music crew Coozos Clan in a Facebook post explained why he thinks Radio Miraya is bias and unfair when selecting music to be played on radio station.

Here is what Meen Meen posted on his Facebook about Moro:

i dont know why some people were thinking natty p was wrong to detect the biasness of certain mentioned radio presenters,the fact is that truth can never be covered for the sake the growing industry and our young talented artsit’s growth….radio miraya have picked on being bias to somepoints that listeners themselves complain now….we still on top with no support from it and top of the game for more than eight years and that means you can,t manage us even if u work against….
The best way is to consider the industry growth which some kids don,t mind about