Veteran singer and member of Coozos Clan, Meen Meen has lashed out at the award companies for not recognizing his efforts in 2019.

Despite more than a dozen awarding events happening in 2019, the ‘Dugu Wara’ hitmaker barely received any nomination. This didn’t go down well with the singer and he took to his Facebook to air out his thoughts.

The singer shared images of his massive performances of 2019 with caption ‘I win people but surprisingly not awards”.

The Facebook post generated a lot of comments from the musician’s fans with most of them claiming that the awards are corrupt.

Others urged him to focus on doing good music and stop complaining about the Awards that add no value to his ‘already big’ name.

“Those awards are nothing bro, we all know you are bigger than those winning the awards! Focus and feed us with good music every day. We love you!” One fan commented on the singer’s post.

“There is too much corruption in the music industry walen .. Some people get awards which they haven’t work hard for.” Another fan commented.

The singer is scheduled to perform in Rumbek at a crossover event.