US based musician Pepsy Jay is not giving up his quest of making Juba based singer Neetah Baby his wife. After putting out an emotional video desperately begging Neetah to be his girlfriend Pepsy is now back and he’s confident that Neetah whom he has never met before will one day be his wife.

The musician this week told HIJ that he believes Neetah likes him and that is why she never put out a statement to condemn him.

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“Me and her, we’re cool… just waiting for the day am gonna touch down in Africa. Her BF not gonna last for long,” he said.

Asked if he’s bothered about Neetah’s BF, she said: “How many times girls have bf but months later they end up going out with someone else. Sabuni is nothing to me… I will knock him out like in a championship”

He continued. “Neetah and I are destined to be together, you feel me? She talks to me. She does whenever she is free… when she is not on shows and all that”

The musician also believes Neetah is into him for not commenting on the issue.

“If she didn’t want this to happen, wasn’t she gonna let her fans know that Pepsy is bulshitting? She is the the queen of Cash Out City… she knows where she belongs,” he said.