McLumoex has offered to pay for a new record between musical rivals, Silver X and Mr. Lengs.

The singer and co-founder of Kilkilu Ana Comedy Extra quickly made the pledge after Mr. Lengs posted on his facebook page that he was attending Silver X’s album launch in show of support.

The two artists; Silver and Lengs have been feuding over claims of songs piracy.

But they last week squashed the beef. Silver X also confirmed that the hate was over.

McLumoex who was excited to see the artists uniting said that he would pay for a new collaboration for the two.

“We still need to meet and get u both up together permanently like brothers from the other mothers and people of one nation. The Lumoex republic is sponsoring an audio in Juba or Kampala or Nairobi for a callobo between Mr. Lengs and Silver Xtraa -cash down.”

McLumoex also requested any well-wisher to sponsor the-would be video of the track he is paying for.