The singer and founder of Kilkilu Ana Comedy Night MC Lumoex says he wants to mediate peace between the beefing singers Mantani and Yuppie Jay.

Lumoex who is commonly referred to as “Peace Maker” for always making peace songs made a lengthy Facebook post on Friday trying to reconcile Mantani and Yuppie Jay who are currently involved in an online spat over who is better than who. He urged the artists to stop unnecessary feuds and instead work together for the betterment of the industry.

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He offered to pay for the recording of a song as a way of reconciling them. We are yet to see the fruits of his peace mediation.

Below is what MC Lumoex’s post:

Punishment for Beefing artists is to compose a hit song for their fans, Warring parties can not initiate peace for themselves, Peace loving people bring them together, twins disagree but they come together,heavenly beings once had disagreement of which formation of Kingdom of God and Kinddom of satan until now no one brought them together, Us humans we are lucky better to disagree to agree, creation of different kingdoms is not good, Peace is expensive to bring, Lumoex Republic was in internal consultation how they can bring this two warring parties together it is not the first venture .Now as peace loving people, The republic and close fans to the republic hereby agree to sponsor an audio should the two unite again as brothers ready to share the little republican earnings for the good of peace. Due to dollar unavailability in the country, the audio is strictly to be recorded where SSP is available in this case any studio within +211 wins.Peace and Love.