Three weeks ago I posed a question on our Facebook page asking, why are South Sudanese upcoming musicians increasingly switching to Dancehall, a music genre synonymous with Jamaicans and other Caribbean countries of North America.

Almost all South Sudanese musicians have switched to singing in ‘Patwa’ neglecting our Arabi Juba or native languages which most fans understand better. Some of artists have blamed this trend on lack of support from urban fans when they sing in local languages or Juba Arabic.

The reason for the query being, our artists have not gone international. None of South Sudanese music is played on foreign radio stations not even in Uganda or Kenya. Their fans are purely South Sudanese who do not understand Jamaican ‘Patwa’ English. So unless fans are expected to never sing along to their songs or understand the lyrics.

MC Ghetto one the musicians doing Dancehall responded to us in a video. He explained some few things about the issue but to be honest I couldn’t comprehend fully what he was saying.

Check the video above.


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