MC Ghetto was today forced to come out to deny having any beef with his close associate Alijoma, real name Alier John Mabil.

The rumors of beef started flying this week after Alijoma who is based in Kampala released a concert poster for their smash hit Berke without photo of Ghetto in the poster.

Fans were left guessing what might have happened to the musicians who announced early this year that they’re working on a joint album.

MC Ghetto said he will be performing at Alijoma’s Berke concert this November in Kampala despite the fact that his name and photo weren’t added to the poster.

As to why his image and name aren’t in the poster, Ghetto didn’t explain but according to Alijoma, “just because MC Ghetto did a song with Konshens doesn’t mean he should be added to poster”.

Well, it’s pretty clear in Alijoma’s post on FB that something is brewing between the two friends.