Nairobi based rapper Natty P is one dude who never shy away from causing beefs with other artists. If he is not dissing the likes of Silver X and Cool B he is refusing other artists entry to his shows.

This week two different groups of Nairobi based artists traveled from Kenya to Kampala, Uganda for series of shows meant to commemorate the 16th May (SPLA Day). A group led by Bossmaan Sound System leader in Africa MC Ghetto and upcoming Dinka language singer Alijoma first had their show which was followed by the show organised by rapper Natty P and his crew.

According to a source who spoke to HIJ in Kampala MC Ghetto and Alijoma were denied entry into the concert organised by Natty P. It’s not clear whether the two musicians and their entourage had sought to enter free of charge. HIJ sought clarification from one of the artists who were allegedly humiliated when they were turned away at the gate but the artist denied having even had interest to attend to Natty’s show.