Many upcoming musicians are struggling to stay relevant in the industry but not flamboyant Max Jay Young who happens to be known for splashing money Mayweather style. While still studying in Dubai he manages to find studio time to record.
The latest single “My Love” from Max Jay Young upcoming features singer Wizzy Wizzy who happens to be his own brother.
The danceable song, “My Love” is already rocking Juba charts and clubs as it’s one of the songs that gets everyone on their feet thanks to its persuasive beats and catchy hook.
Max who is now back to Dubai where he is studying told HIJ that the Album will be out soon and he is planning to organize a massive Album Lunch.
“While studying, I also find time to hit the studio and make a song or two in a month and when the album is complete I will organize a show never seen before in Juba,” he said.
Listen to the song here: