Upcoming singer Max Young has said the controversial music video for his song Nyibol was never banned contrary to what his collaborator Uncle TJ claimed last week.

Musician Uncle TJ last week told HIJ that he was threatened not to promote or release the music video allegedly by the vixen’s lover.

But according to Max Young who says the song was his the song was never banned by anyone saying TJ was lying.

“Nyibol video is not banned it’s doing its parts in places like Kampala, South Sudan and Kenya. The truth should be told than just creating stories,” the singer told HIJ.

The singer also said he owns the song and asks Uncle TJ to stop claiming ownership since he didn’t pay a single piaster for the song.

“I own the song and the video, I paid for it. He never even paid 1SSP. I only asked Uncle TJ for a collabo,” he said.