Makwel Ngong known to many as Max is one of the celebrated South Sudan music directors in the country.
A reliable source in Juba has disclosed to Hot in Juba that Max is putting in final touches to a modern music studio stationed in Gudele the heart of Juba.
According to the source, Max is finishing up his soon to be launch state of the art recording studio.
The studio named Rich Kyd Sound is already causing a buzz among musicians in Juba who are eager to record new songs at the studio.
The studio is equipped with some of the most advanced music recordings equipment as well as software and it is expected to produce some of the hits that will cause waves in South Sudan
“It will be the first music studio that will have a Sound engineer and mastering suite,” the source told Hot in Juba. 
While speaking to Hot in Juba reporter in Juba, Max said that he hopes his new venture will inspire another studio to upgrade and produce music that can compete across borders
Max has already tagged renowned South Sudanese producers, Shako and Bobbi Pro to help him with his vision of transforming South Sudanese music industry
Max Ngong, a director at Studio34 has vowed to sign some of the most talented struggling musicians in the country to Rich Kyd Sound.