Popular Studio34 video director, Max Ngong has fired shots at Juba based promoters, urging them to start promoting local musician instead of foreign ones.This came after promoter Sam of Rockstars promotion Co. organised a show in Juba for Kenyan artist, Wyre.

“K2 Promotion company, Rock stars n skyline can u guys promote ur own Musicians…”, he posted on social media.

Its alleged that promoters always pay alot of money to get foreign musician to come and perform in Juba while they pay the local musician peanuts to perform.

His post was welcomed by fellow musician who agreed with him on the matter.

“Promoter n event organizers wat Max Ngong is right…u guyz are promoting foreign music instead of our own. how do u guys build the industry when all u do is bringing Ugandans musicians all the time.
Ur contributions goes to Ug while our local artist get nothing”, a comment reads.