Australia-based DJ MG landed in Nairobi weeks ago in a patronizing music and spinning tour running in both Kenya and Kampala with his Bossman crew.  MG was two days ago attacked during his Kampala show by a gang said to have been sent by his slogan rival Max Jay in a confession by one of the gang members who were later offered the platform to perform their song.

The two rolled a feud over the slogan “BADDEST” in which each claim to have started before the other and this continued until it lastly sparked in a Facebook public post thus involving families and friends in the useless fight.

Sundae the head of the infamous Kampala violent gang is said to be Max Jay’s cousin and this piled on the accusation of the attack to be set up by the MG’s rival who traveled to Juba before the eventual show of Bossmaan which took place Saturday. MG hasn’t responded to the incident, it has been alleged to have planned to cease it from going on.