Following the attack by unknown armed cattle raiders in Jalle Payam of Bor county in Jonglei state, there has been a debate on social media among of who could possibly be behind the deadly attack which claimed lives of 26 people.

Most Bor community social media users and even county commissioner and SPLA spokesman blamed raiders from Murle community to be behind the attack.

These claims didn’t go down well with the controversial singer Mary Boyoi who took to social media to deny the allegations labelled on her community.

Mary in a social media post urged people of Bor to stop blaming whole of Murle community.

“My condolence to the Jalle community but some of you are role models. Its not good to point your fingers or go all Murle. Yes there are criminals and those criminals has [sic] to be brought into justice. I will never use the name of the tribe to represent criminals. Let work together for peace as one people we are the light of those who are in cattle camp. Yes my tribe is South Sudan,” Mary posted on FB.

In another post Boyoi went ahead to say her community was attacked a month ago by Dinka Bor gunmen but they couldn’t point fingers to Bor people.

She sarcastically said some Bor intellectuals are tribal minded and deserve to be awarded with certificate of tribalism.

“One month ago my own area Manyabol had been attacked by gunmen from Dinka Bor where two of my cousins have been killed and young brother of Yau Yau has been wounded. We didn’t point fingers on anyone coz this is all about cows and we need to bring this people together as intelectual. Now some intelectuals from Bor they talk like if they’re from cattle camp. You guys deserve to be awarded with certificate of tribalism,” she posted.

The post however didn’t go down well with her social media followers. Commenters bombarded Mary’s post with insults with a handful of followers supporting her.