Popular singer and self-proclaimed richest musician in South Sudan Mary Boyoi better know as The Original First Lady is alleged that he will be quitting music this year to focus on things she can do better. A close source to the singer reveals.

A close source to the singer said Boyoi is set to bid showbiz bye and ready to venture into the humanitarian field.

And speaking to HIJ on phone, Boyoi, who recently went to her hometown, Pibor, said she has seen how the people of South Sudan and especially her people in Pibor are suffering and she has therefore registered an NGO to help the venerable people in the country.

The Single ladies singer registered an NGO “Voice of people” with South Sudan’s Relief and Rehabilitation Commission and its set to lobby for the fund and start operation soon.

” Officially ready and operating. We are building capacity for longer term peace. Developing future South Sudan for coming generations. VOP let join our hands together.,” she posted on social media.