Self proclaimed richest musician sexy Mary Boyoi over the weekend was at Nyakuron Cultural Center where she dished out 2000SSP in cash during the premiere of the new movie, Ihsaas.

According to media sources Boyoi decided to pay 2000 SSP to get a DVD copy of the new movie instead of the normal price of 250 SSP becoming the highest price paid for a movie during a premiere, (talk of balling)

Few weeks back Boyoi was in Uganda where she shot a music video featuring Embra Tor and she flaunted huge notes of US dollars during the shoot.

The movie,‘Ihsaas’ is locally produced by United Friends and Dream Magazine and premiere was attended by officials from the State Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, in addition to major local artistes including Silver X, Hard Life Avenue, Nyibol Grace and others.

Mary Boyoi awarded certificate of appreciation.

Mary Boyoi awarded certificate of appreciation during the movie premiere.