Bingwa Awards South Sudan Artist of the year Mary Boyoi and her lover-turned music collaborator Embra Tor have last week met with the national minister of Sports, Youth and Culture Dr. Nadia Arop Dudi.

According to both musicians, they paid minister a coutesy call in her office to present the accolade Mary won in the 2016 edition of the Bingwa Awards held in Nairobi early this year.

The duo briefed the minister on their individual progress and achievements in music and general music industry in South Sudan.

Here is what Embra posted on social media after the meeting:

Meeting the Minister of Youth, Culture & Sports Hon. Dr. Nadia Arob to present her Mary Bussy Boyoi Bingowa Award as best South Sudanese artist of the year 15. We had a great time briefing her on our progress, and achievements. We also discussed the important of her minister in developing the music industry of South Sudan. We cover the topics of laws and regulations, freedom in music, benefits of music industry in the country, and the need for us to develop our music until it reach the quality that can be exported. Also the imports of us to export and compete globally in music.

Mary x Embra