Bingwa Award South Sudan artist of the year and a self proclaimed original first lady,Mary Boyoi recently visited Kenyan’s honeymoon city, Mombasa with his newly found love and fellow musician, Embra Tor.What the two were doing acting all cuddly and shit in Mombasa was what the fans were asking.

The singer posted on social media pics in arm with the new found love at a beach in Mombasa.

HIJ took up the task to find if the two were “honeyboning” in Mombasa and unfortunately we found out they were in Mombasa to shoot the music video shoot to her new single “Mony Awiel”.

The song is a dedication to her love, Embra Tor.

Check pics below:

10401268_480099498866360_5657409271490375270_n 2 maryxtor