Slay queens is a trending word nowadays often used to refer to classy and stylish women. Most girls accompany their edited photos on social media with #slaying or #slayqueen. They are girls who love fashion and go by trends.

They take care of themselves and mind their appearance. A slay queen is a girl most men will die to have because she is like a new Rolex watch you wrap around your wrist and show off to your buddies.

Slay queens are careful not to reveal too much about their bank account. She might have zero balance on her account but will present herself as one who is worth millions.

And most are actually obsessed with this life. So, before you are taken up by her nicely done make-up, be alerted that slay queens come with a price and unless you are willing to pay, do not disturb their peace.

A friend has been dating a slay queen for some weeks now, he likes her but the bill for her upkeep keeps going up with each passing day. Lately, she asked for a birthday vacation in Dubai. The man has even never acquired a passport and he is dating a girl who dreams of a weekend at a fancy city outside the country.

To make it more interesting, she went ahead and posted it on her social media, “Bae is taking me to Dubs for my b.d”. Her numerous friends reacted with “wow,” “OMG” and many such exclamations.

Now poor man is puzzled. He has just realised that his marriage plans will just bore this girl. First, she is not willing to give up her figure for childbearing; her manicured nails are not the kind to be covered in charcoal in an effort to make dinner. In simple terms, she is just a girl who believes her imaginary parents live in a palace.

So my dear brother, if you do not have millions stashed away under your bed, do not bother the slay queens. There are numerous girls who can make a wife and mother for your children. A slay queen might do the same but until she gets over the ‘slay queen’ mentality, I suggest you watch her from a distance and let her outgrow that chapter of her life.