Wonderful stories are common in happening around Africa, but this one has not been heard before, Married man makes a birthday party for side-chick and shockingly boyfriend proposed. In fact, it is unheard of and the victim in the situation has nothing to do than just to accept it or else it can instead cause him more.

Actually it is almost a normal practice for most married men to always cheat on their wife outside with a free lady commonly called side-chick. But also these free ladies don’t only have this cheater (commonly called sugar daddy) but also have their real boyfriends which are poorer but probably will be the one they can get married to in future. The real boy is for love while the sugar daddy is for money.

Here is a story of what happened between a South African sugar daddy, his side-chick and the side-chick’s boyfriend.

After a relationship between a sugar daddy and his side-chick for almost one year, the side-chick by name Elna asked the sugar daddy to organize her a birthday party of which he accepted with no objection. Little did this man know something else was being planned behind his back.

At the peak of the celebration, the boyfriend came out from nowhere walk straight to where the sugar daddy and side-chick were standing and knelt down proposing to the lady. Surprisingly for the sugar daddy, the lady accepted the proposal with great joy and happiness.

The sugar daddy was extremely dissatisfied, but could not do anything cause it might reach his own married wife. He cried in pain but could not do anything since he himself was cheating.