Bossman system member, Mapia one popularly known for his hit song “Yekeba Tuiny “, experienced his worst nightmares ever in Kampala in two organized fights.

The artist received serious injuries on two occasions. first, at a local bar in a wangled punching rounds by his Juba long time rival Sunday Wen Nyane who took him away from sight and practiced all his boxing skills since Mapia was drunk. He later got rescued by people who noticed the fight and then he was escorted to Venom club where he testified and narrated his experience to Bossman crew members who were around including their boss, MG too.

Things didn’t just end, later on, two alleged well body built Agaar boys carried on the stopped operation by squaring up the injured Mapia as he was resting. Cool B who is fond of fighting at shows including STA event where he locked horns with a Ugandan backstage is allegedly related to the two boys and he’s got beef with the victim too and this brought views from different sides that he was the mastermind of the attack.

However, the fight at the club involved various people and this time it turned detrimental with the infamous Kampala gang the N-Movement who picked it in favor of Mapia One and there on he got saved and survived but the fight continued between the group and that belonging to Cool B.
According to eyewitnesses, one of Cool B’s goon was pushed from the building’s third floor to the ground floor and his condition isn’t convincing due to the heavy fall which might have fractured him.

The violence in the club continued and this attracted police patrol who later fired shots up to disperse the warring South Sudanese gangs.

Mapia one is currently admitted hospital due to the serious injuries caused but Cool B’s whereabouts still remain unknown since the incident took place.