A court in Yei River County has sentenced a 26 year old man to death by hanging, for killing a Boda-boda rider early this year.

Thomas Sabri Marcello was found guilty of murder of the unnamed cyclist in April.

A 23 year old man, Elias Malish William, has also been sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for coordinating the murder.

Judge Obec Deyong presided over the court hearing on the 26th May, this is how he ruled:

“…. the first convict Elisa Malish William is sentenced to imprisonment for a term of five years, with effect from the 1st April, 2016, for contravention of section 140 of the penal code act of 2008.

“The first convict is also sentenced to imprisonment for a term of two years, in that he has seven years… for contravention of section 297, with effect from 1st April, 2016.

“The second convict, Thomas Sabri Marcello, is to be hanged by the neck until he is dead. This is the final judgment.”

via Eye Radio