A man from Yambio has stunned Juba court by revealing how he had been rendered useless in bed after his ex-girlfriend locked his manhood two years ago with charm. The man identified as Wani Joseph revealed that Siama his ex-girlfriend locked his manhood with “kujur” which has made him useless in bed as it can no longer stand during sex. The revelation was made when Wani approached the Juba Civil Courts seeking a protection order against his ex-girlfriend, Siama, whom she accused of putting his manhood on lock.

He told the court that Siama had locked his manhood in December 2015 and that had called Mary countless times to try and get her to unlock him. He said he wanted to be a good performer in bed like other men.

“Your Worship, when I left this woman, she consulted a traditional healer who helped her to lock my private parts. Since December 2015, my manhood has been malfunctioning. In fact, all I can do with them is to pass out urine. “I can no longer perform in bed since she locked me. I am now a useless rag in bed after what she did to me. All I ask is for the court to help me beg her to restore my ‘firing power’ in bed. Things should be back to where they were before we parted ways,” said Wani.

However, the court requested him to bring Mary to answer to alleged claims.