A man has committed suicide after his wife gave birth to a girl, the police said here on Monday night in India. Tragically, the wife also died following a heart attack as she could not withstand the ‘shock on hearing the news of her husband’s suicide and after being admonished by her mother-in-law’.

A police officer said that 23-year-old Supriya Das had given birth four days ago, for which she was reprimanded by her in-laws and her husband, Pran Gobinda Das, as they wanted a boy.

“After repeated quarrels with her wife, Pran Gobinda committed suicide by setting himself on fire on Sunday. Supriya also died subsequently following a heart attack as she could not bear the shock of her husband’s death at a medical college in Agartala with her mother-in-law continuously rebuking her for delivering a girl child,” the officer said.

Neighbours of the deceased couple said that Supriya’s mother-in-law constantly scolded her since the birth of the girl child, saying “birth of a girl is ominous for a family”.

The police yet made an arrest in connection with the incident.

via Gulfnews