This probably is a ‘make it or break it moment’ for SPLM Former Detainees to reconcile with their comrades as they return in large numbers to Juba.

The FDs boarded KQ flight this morning after a day of confusion over who was to pay for the ticket. The group had claimed that the government back-tract on providing the fare for the flight at the last minute. The government on its part claimed that no such promises were made, and that it is the duty of IGAD to foot the bills of the FDs.

IGAD finally came through last evening, and the group will today attend the official inauguration of the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) in Juba. The office is the highest body that will resolve stalemates and monitor the implementation of the agreement by all parties.

With this being her first official trip back to Juba this year, Mama Rebecca Nyandeng was seen indulging God in serious prayers this morning.

Not the whole team has come though. Deng Alor spoke on Eye Radio saying the group’s leader, Pagan Amum is in the U.S, while Gier Chuang is said to be attending to the graduation of his son in Malaysia. Dr. Cirino Hiteng is said to be handling some family issues in Nairobi

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Photos Credit: Dut-machine de Mabior