Social media is a tough street and it’s a street many don’t want to face.

But, for social media celebrity, Mama Amira she has had her fair share of these streets. She rose to fame with her controversial live video despite negative criticism from many netizen.

Her videos received mixed reactions from netizens but they were widely shared by her loyal listeners.

But, it seem Mama Amira has had enough of internet bullying. She recently took to social to express her frustration with the way people are commenting on her contents.

In a screenshots seen by HIJ, Amira who is currently in Juba has threatened to delete all her social media pages with huge followings.

Amira- who has over 100K followers on Facebook has accused fans of hate and cyberbullying, pointing to abusive comments prompted by  videos she posts to her social media accounts.

“Even if I have made mistakes, forgive me and I will leave this Facebook and delete all my posts and close the page,” she posted.

Amira is currently in Juba after she was invited by high-profile government official.