Just days after receiving two cars, a V8 from businessman Kur Ajiing and another from another businessman Bibi Ali, Amira was kicked out of Pyramid Hotel over unpaid bills.

The controversial social media figure on Sunday went on Facebook LIVE to rant about her problems.

She accused one Abu-thalib, who works in the office of Presidential Advisor Tut Kew for not paying her hotel bills resulting to her being asked to leave the hotel.

In her Facebook video now viewed over 47,000 times, she announced that she is going on hunger strike.

“I won’t eat or drink here in South Sudan, I will only eat in Khartoum,” she announced.

Amira said she doesn’t deserve the treatment she received since South Sudan is her land. She said in Khartoum she was treated better than in Juba when she arrived from USA few months ago.

Amira who became popular after her Facebook videos went viral in 2018. Her Facebook videos often recorded LIVE insulting opposition have made her infamous among South Sudanese. She arrived in the country in September and was given a reception befitting a hero by her supporters.