Some male students at ‘Jama Juba’ may soon go on strike to protest what they described as ‘gluttony’ according to our sources in the university hostels.

Our anonymous source explained girls even bring their broke boyfriends from outside to have to free meals in the university dining hall. He said these boyfriends are not university students but those affected by high food prices in the restaurants around the city due to economic crisis experienced in the country.

He said:

Ladies are eating more than gents:
They have two techniques.
1- If their friend is absent, the thing they do is they take their
friends id cards in order to have double plates.
2- They lie to their mothers that they have lecture everyday though
sometimes lecture are only 3 times a week.

Lastly on Fridays when meat is cooked, you find almost all the
students there not wanting to miss meat compared to Mondays when
lintels is cooked and sometimes my friend used to skip his gf because
she only eat meat and it makes him angry because he is left to eat
only soup and two bread.

The student said the gents could be forced to go on strike soon if the university administration does not intervene to address the issue amicably.