Information Minister Makuei Leuth who announced his COVID-19 status today on VOA Focus on South Sudan disclosed that all former members of High-Level Taskforce have tested positive for Corona Virus.

Makuei who was among a member of the former high-level Taskforce on Covid-19 tested positive after a mandatory test was conducted on all member of the former taskforce.

“Yes! I am positive, and I am informed that all members of the former committee are positive,” Makuei said.

Makuei said that the members may have been exposed during the various meeting the members conducted in Juba.

This week, President Salva Kiir dissolved the High-Level Taskforce on coronavirus pandemic and reconstituted a new one.

The body had been the government’s main source of expert advice on the pandemic and the central planning body for its response.

The 16 member task force was chaired by President Kiir and deputies by Riek Machar.

These were the members:

1.Martin Elia Lomuro – Cabinet Affairs Minister

2.Elizabeth Acuei Yor – Health Minister

3.Angelina Teny – Defense and Veteran Affairs Minister

4.Paul Mayom Akec – Interior Minister

5.Obote Mamur Mete – National Security Minister

6.Salvatore Mabiordiit – Finance and Economic Planning Minister

7.Kuol Athian Mawien – Trade and Industry Minister

8.Deny Jock Chagor – Higher Education, Science and Technology Minister

9.Awur Deng Achuil – General Education and Instruction Minister

10.Madut Biar Yol – Transport Minister

11.Jamal Wani Abdalla – Governor of Bank of South Sudan

12.Director of General of General Intelligence Bureau

13.Director of General of Internal Security Bureau

14.CEO of civil Aviation Authority

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