The minister of information has admitted that the government alone can’t fix the economy, saying citizens should “wait for the government to resolve” it.

Michael Makuei says citizens should embark on agriculture and other casual work to support the economy.

“It is true that the economic situation in South Sudan is biting. Citizens should not just be sitting and waiting for the government to resolve issues for them,” Makuei told Eye Radio.

Experts say South Sudan’s economy is currently in the hyperinflation phase.

The South Sudanese Pounds has been depreciating drastically following the drop of the country’s oil revenues and irregularities in collecting non-oil revenue.

In September, the Minister of Trade and Industry said nothing the government can do to stop the local currency from losing value.

Today, $100 sells at about 50,000 South Sudanese Pounds in the black market, while at the Central Bank, $100 sells at 17,100 pounds.

Via Eye Radio