Makiir Gai is a typical philanthropist among his peers. After recently donating a brand new SUV V8 Landcruiser to the newly appointed governor of Gogrial State, he has once again come out to help recently admitted students who couldn’t afford to pay for their tuition fee.

He has donated 9 million pounds to University of Juba students who couldn’t afford their tuition fees.

The businessman and Tycoon call on rich and wealthy South Sudanese businessmen to help the needy in the country.

“I know many colleagues in the country who have made a lot of money….I ask them to help the needy in the country because we have to give back to the needy in the country,” he added.

He has also pledged to help with the Juba Unversity feeding program.

Makiir, also popularly known as ‘Kiir Gai’ owns four private banks operating in South Sudan. The tycoon has employed about 680 workers with some foreign experts serving in his banks.

The banks he owns include Alpha Bank, Charter One Bank, St-Teresa Bank and ten other money exchange bureaus in states.