A major water has hit oil-rich Ruweng Administrative Area capital, Panrieng pushing the residents to barricade roads in the town demanding the government to intervene.

Hot in Juba correspondent in the area says that the water crisis is now entering its third day with no solution or comment from the local government.

“Driven by thirst, the residents of Panrieng town have blocked roads in Panrieng. According to them, it is almost two days now that there is a serious short of water in Panrieng! God have mercy on my people,” A local resident in the area alleged.
The local government under William Chol Awunlith has been accused by many residents of Ruweng of neglecting major issues facing the area, ranging from insecurity, pollution, corruption, and incompetence.

With its massive oil resources, Ruweng is one of the most under-developed places in South Sudan.
It is the most oil-producing area in South Sudan, it produces about 80% of South Sudanese oil is produced here, mainly in Unity Darbim oil field, Heglig / Panthou oil field , Tomasouth/Kaloj oilfield  and Toor / Athony oil field or and other oil fields like Labob / Miading and Munga / Wan Danluel oilfield and Maan Awal and others fields.