A court in North Melbourne has acquitted South Sudanese-born AFL football player of all charges brought against him by a white lady.

Majak Daw was being tried for an alleged raped incident that took place in 2007, involving a then 15 year old girl. Majak was 16 years.

The now 23 year old woman had told the court Majak allegedly raped her at a house party in Melbourne’s west in March 2007.

She said she had agreed to go for a walk with Daw by the creek behind the house, when Daw pinned her down and forced his penis into her mouth, but she bit down, prompting him to push her.


However, Daw had told his trial that the sex acts were consensual.

After deliberations, the jury in Victorian County Court yesterday found Daw, 24, not guilty to three counts of rape.

He was freed to continue his AFL career.

“I’ve been through this, I can get through anything in life,” Daw said.

Daw was delisted by North in late October after playing just two senior games in 2015, but was reclaimed by the Roos in last Friday’s rookie draft.

Daw was the first South Sudanese player to reach the AFL and has played 14 games since joining North Melbourne as a rookie in 2009.

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