News streaming in from Kampala, Uganda alleges the former fragmented SPLM party has agreed to reunite after splitting when the 2013 crisis erupted in the country.

The former detainees and Madam Nyandeng Garang are expected anytime soon back in the country to promote peace in the country.

President Salva Kiir met Rebecca Nyandeng and Former Detainees in presence of Ugandan president at State House Entebbe and they agreed to reunite under SPLM.

The meeting was part of President Museveni’s initiative to unite divided SPLM leaders in a bid to bring peace in the country.

The initiative to reunite the polarized SPLM party started on May 28 at Entebbe with Museveni and World Bank’s Director of Conflict, Violence and Fragility engaging the leaders of different factions.

The second meeting took place two days later but the rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar who didn’t attend the first one again failed to appear.

The reunification initiative which is rejected by rebel leader Riek Machar was attended by some members of former detainees but Pagan Amum, Majak Agot, Cirino Iteng and Gier Chuang were absent. The government is yet to release a statement on the outcome of the meeting.