Opposition leader Riek Machar has been reportedly told to stay in Juba by the IGAD until February which is a deadline the revitalized transitional government is expected to be formed.

Machar returned to Juba last week for talks with President Salva Kiir on issues which are still pending but are crucial in the formation of the transitional government of national unity.

The opposition leader signed a revitalized peace agreement with Kiir in 2018 to end the war. The agreement provided that a number of issues are resolved before the two men form the unity government.

“The chairman has been told to remain in Juba by the IGAD until February,” the official who doesn’t want to be named told media.

Kiir and Machar are expected to form the government by February 22 along with other opposition groups who are also signatories to the revitalized peace agreement.

It is not clear why Machar who is hesitance to permanently return to Juba is told to remain there, but the opposition official said the IGAD “made it clear that the outstanding issues need his full-time presence in Juba.”