New minister of water resources and irrigation Mabior Garang de Mabior said President Salva Kiir expelled him from today’s council of ministers meeting over his clothing.

Mabior posted on his Facebook page that he returned home “after being kicked out by Salva Kiir from the first sitting of the council of ministers for being inappropriately dressed.”

The minister posted an accompanying photo of himself wearing what appears to be a black tuxedo suit with a white shirt and a black bow tie.

Yesterday the council of ministers attended an induction workshop where they were informed of protocol for meetings including dress code, though the dress code for ministers has not been made publicly available.

Mabior suggested in his Facebook post that focusing on clothing distracts from real issues.

“There is no fuel in Juba and people are still in UNMISS PoCs,” he said.

Mabior says he had to return home to change his bow-tie but still was barred from attending the cabinet meeting.