So last weekend the rebel information and PR chairperson Mabior Garang was spotted totally wasted in a Nairobi night club. We are told Mabior was whisked to his car by club bouncers after he caused a scene when he started spanking random girls’ buttocks in the club.

Our club sources said Mabior Garang the son of late John Garang always party hard at the most expensive night clubs frequented by rich South Sudanese politician sons and daughters in Nairobi.

“In South Sudan their fathers are enemies, they are killing sons of poor people who are fighting for them in the frontline but their children here are dining and whining together in Nairobi” said our source.

If you ever wondered and questioned why Mabior looks like he is ‘on drugs’ in all his images posted on Facebook, then I guess you got the answer now.

We are told Kenya, Mabior and his clique of rich Kenyan politicians’ sons are known as ‘real socialites’. Google that!

Note: WASTED means getting drunk until you pass out!