Mabior Garang humiliated at State House during Riek swearing-in ceremony

Former rebel head of information Mabior Garang Mabior was yesterday badly humiliated by security officers at J1’s gate. Mabior was in Riek’s convoy from Airport to J1 where the ceremony happened.

Upon reaching the entry of the state house, many dignataries and high ranking former rebel officials were subjected to thorough security check and verified at the entrance before they are allowed passage into J1 but when it was Mabior’s turn the stone-faced security officers and protocol officers turned him away. Reason being that his name was not on the list of the invited VIPs and dignitaries to be allowed in according to our source at J1.

The visibly frustrated Mabior left J1 in his car after the humiliation without witnessing his boss’s historic day.

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