Mabior Garang Mabior, the son of late South Sudanese hero Dr. John Garang who joined Riek Machar’s rebels in 2013 when war broke out in the country might have decided to become a journalist if his recent activities are anything to go by.

Mabior who was appointed PR and information chairperson in Riek Machar’s led rebellion has now settled in Kenya where he apparently started his new career as a journalist.

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After he was banned from traveling to Ethiopia following an incident where he was accused of carrying a firearm into peace talks venue, Mabior with the help of renown Kenyan video journalist Ali Ngethe who was working for an international news agency in Juba in 2014 decided to establish South Sudan Television in Opposition (SSTV-IO) and Radio SPLM.

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He interviews several exiled rebel officials including his own mother Nyandeng Garang who is a harsh critic of president Salva Kiir.

Both South Sudan Television in Opposition (SSTV-IO) and Radio SPLM are online based media outlets with SSTV-IO interviews hosted on YouTube.