South Sudanese NBA star Luol Deng continues to make headline internationally. Recently named to lead Team Africa in first NBA’s game in Africa, Luol has now been ranked 7th in UK’s top ten richest sportsmen of 2015.

Luol’s net wroth is approximately 62 million Dollars an equivalent of 500,000,000 SSP with the rate of 8.0 SSP to 1 Dollar.

Check the current UK athletes rich list below:

1. Lewis Hamilton (motor racing) £88m (£68m in 2014)

2. Wayne Rooney (football) £72m (£60m)

3. Jenson Button (motor racing) £71m (£63m)

4. Andy Murray (tennis) £48m (£40m)

5. Rio Ferdinand (football) £44m (£44m)

6. Steven Gerrard (football) £42m (£37m)

7. Luol Deng (basketball) £40m (£36m)

7. Jose Mourinho (football) £40m (new)

9. Frank Lampard (football) £39m (£37m)

10.= Rory McIlroy (golf) £38m (£28m)

10.= Ryan Giggs (football) £38m (£36m)

10.= Arsene Wenger (football) £38m (new)

10.= Nick Faldo (golf) £38m (new)