US basketball star Luol Deng confirmed that he would work through the Luol Deng Foundation to develop football and other sports such as running alongside the basketball game, he said that at Juba International Airport after his arriving in Juba last weekend to set up a basketball training camp and celebrate the fourth anniversary of The establishment of the Manute Bol Basketball Program.

Luol told reporters he would focus on working on various projects through his charity fund more the cooperating with organizations such as the World Food Program & (UNICEF).

He was greeted at Juba airport by many children and youth from the Manute Bol basketball program which supported by the Luol Deng Foundation, where he said that he was glad to come to South Sudan and he happier in the presence of these young people. “This is a good surprise” Luol explained and he added “We are he to help children and teach their trainers, this is the most important”

Luol continued saying: ( we come to Juba to hold some meetings and think about the basketball project. And we think not just to increasing the number of children and participants, but thinking about how to make the program bigger and more effective).
With regard to the progress of Bol the son of the late Manute Bol in the NBA, Luol said that Bol is surprising and Bol take it seriously despite his injury, but he will be better and what he doing its not good for him and his family only but for South Sudan , Luol added that he noted that many of the people of south Sudan are now NBA and NBA D league more than any other African country ,
Luol explained that through programs such as Camp 50, many South Sudanese people in America, Canada, and South Sudan will appear in the basketball
Luol said that the future of South Sudan in basketball is better prepared and has a bright future and there will be more than Manute Bol & Luol deng , finally He asked the south Sudanese children to focus on the basketball game despite the challenges, but they must be overcome the challenges

via RT Sport