Lieutenant Colonel Lual Akook, who died following the fatal shooting incident in Shirikaat, has been buried in his home village in Warrap state.

This is according to Albino Akol, the former Secretary-General of the defunct Gogrial state.

The SSPDF had said, Lual died as a result of injuries he reportedly sustained on his head during the incident.

His family stated that Lual was beaten by a ”mob” after he was caught off-guard while in a meeting to resolve a land dispute.

But residents say the SSPDF officer – Lual Akook and his bodyguards, shot at civilians indiscriminately over the land dispute, killing 5 and wounding 7 others.

Lual Marine died that evening in a hospital in Juba.

Albino Akol told Eye Radio from Kuajok town that the body of the late arrived in the state on Friday morning.

“A short while ago I was at the side,  he is going to be laid to rest in his homeland in Akon at a place call Akuach,” Akol said.

In his eulogy, Akol described the late as a veteran of the SPLA liberation war, and a man who ‘deservedly’ rose through the ranks of the army.

“Late Lual is a trained soldier, he participated in many wars of the SPLA during the struggle. He was a Colonel in the Military Intelligent (MI) when he was killed in the incident of Shirikat,” Akol said.

President Salva Kiir has formed an Investigation Committee to gather facts surrounding the killing of civilians and a soldier during a confrontation over a burial ground in the residential area.



Via Eye Radio