The controversial South Sudanese tycoon, Lawrence Lual Malong aka Young Tycoon is back on the head lines.

The ‘Young Tycoon,’ as he likes to call himself, has stated that he has ordered a halt to mining activities in his company and his trucks be filled with food and go to Turkana in Kenya effective from tomorrow to respond to drought crisis in the region that has been hit hard.

“After watching the poor pics and videos of the children and old men of#turkana dieing of hunger have odered my trucks to stop all mining activities and fill them with food and go to #turkana effective from tomorrow,” Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jr posted

Via his twitter account , Lual posted dozens of trucks which will be used in the relief program alleged to be sponsored by himself.

Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jnr is a man of large means and fat pockets, and he loudly tells it to anyone who cares to listen.

A recent documentary by award-winning Kenyan investigative journalist John Allan Namu titled ‘The Profiteers’ painted General Paul Malong as among a few powerful people who gained immense wealth from South Sudan’s civil war and stashed them in foreign banks.

The documentary also portrayed Mr. Yor as General Malong’s son, a claim the two have now come out to refute.